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This is the first post I’ve done in a while. To be honest, I’d sort of fallen out of love with it – but something important has happened that’s given me a real reason to start tapping the keys.

A while I go, I made friends with guy on Facebook, by the name of Tommy Donbavand. For me, this was a Big Thing, because Tommy writes for the Beano. I still buy The Beano – I’d love to say it’s for my son, but what he doesn’t know is that I read it in the car, while I’m waiting for him in the playground.

Sorry, buddy.

The Bash Street Kids and Scream Street

One of my all-time favourite strips is the Bash Street Kids. I love their characters, the way they’re drawn ad the relentlessly-insane things they get up to – and who creates those bonkers storylines? Only Mr Tommy Donbavand!

Not only that – but he wrote the Scream Street series of books – totalling over 100! That’s a proper writer!

So, it was dreadfully upsetting to hear he’d been diagnosed with the Big C. But, in true Bash Street style, he’s using all his creativity, optimism and strength to battle it out. I reckon if he could use a catapult on it, he probably would.

Tommy Gets Tough!

In the wake of this news, Tommy’s started a blog: Tommy vs Cancer . Now, you might be thinking it’s all grim and that – but this guy writes for The Beano, for crying out loud! He IS the Bash Street Kids! It’s not grim – but it is incredibly moving and sometimes very funny. And incredibly brave. If you’ve not read it – do.

So, this is where blogging comes in.

There’s a blog tour on the go, to raise awareness of Tommy’s fisticuffs with the Big C. A lot an author’s income is generated through school visits, talks, personal appearances – that sort of thing. The trouble is, when you’re dosed up to the gills on chemo and radiotherapy, those things aren’t going to happen. So, along with doing his best Rocky impersonation against cancer, Tommy’s watching a sizeable chunk of his income dwindle.

We’re not going to let that happen. And neither’s Tommy…

How Can I Help?

Tommy’s set up a Patreon page, where schools, budding authors, librarians and anyone who wants advice from one of the best in the business can get it. All the details are here: Tommy’s Patreon Page

This is where my admiration for the man gets even more: he’s not taking this lying down and he’s not asking for freebies – he’s set something up that can benefit YOU and help him. Which, in my humble opinion, takes balls the size of maracas.

So, there’s a blog tour a-comin’ and if you want to be involved, then drop Viv DaCosta a line at: You can be a blogger, an author, a Beano reader or just somebody who wants to lend a hand – but give it a go.

If you don’t do anything else, check out his blog and Tweet your support.


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