#GeekWeek Competition Time!

You know me; any chance for some silliness.

So, here’s the deal: to celebrate YouTube’s Geek Week, those lovely folk at Stripes Books are having a Geekhood Competition!

How Do You Enter?

It’s so simple, it’s brilliant! All you do is take a photo of yourself and Tweet it at me or Stripes or both of us, with the hashtags #GeekWeek and #Geekhood. But, here’s the catch: these can’t be any old photos of you – they’ve got to be Geeky ones! I don’t care if it’s you dressed up as a Power Ranger on your 6th birthday or the moment you got Andy Serkis’ autograph – the Geekier, the better!

The Prize?

*drum roll* Not one….but both current Geekhood books…wait for it…SIGNED BY ME! The guy who wrote them; that chap.


Setting the Bar

It doesn’t seem fair that you guys get all the fun, so I thought I’d chuck a couple of photos of my own into the mix, just to get you thinking…

Me, dressed as a hobbit, with Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper!

Me, dressed as a hobbit, with Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper!









Me, dressed as a Wizard, painting an Ork Stompa, while Lego Superman and batman battle it out!











Me, at a LARP, dressed as…I’m not sure, to be honest.









Good luck, you lovely people!!!

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