A Thousand Geeks!

Righty-ho – here we go: I’m getting close to having 1,000 followers – which is no mean feat for a Twitter twonk, like me.

When I got to 500, I did a book giveaway, with a little painting of Archie chucked in. Never having reached 1,000 before, I’m stuck for ideas as how to mark the occasion – and I’d really like to.

So, folks, this is where you come in: what would you like to see happen to celebrate my first Twitter Millennium?  A book giveaway? A drawing? Winning a school visit? A competition of some sort? Anything involving me turning up somewhere will have to be UK-based, but throw your ideas at me and I’ll aim to get the most feasible together. And be creative; I like a challenge! And get as Geeky as you like!

To those of you who haven’t unfollowed me over the last couple of years, I’d just like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and I hope my generally dopey Tweets haven’t clogged up your feeds too much!

Let battle commence!


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