I’m a fan of loads of people and I hate it when they don’t write back. If you’ve got any questions or something to say, post it up here and I’ll do my damnedest to reply as soon as I can.

I’ve visited numerous schools and libraries across the country and appeared at many festival events.  If you want to book me for an event, leave me a comment below and I’ll get in touch as soon as possible. Bear in mind that I’m happy to take budgetary constraints into consideration.


It’s all very well me telling you how great I think I am at events, but you want to know what other people think:

My son loved the visit and has been telling us all about it. He said he was so interesting he could have listened to him all day.

“Andy Robb was brilliant. He engaged the students (yr7 and 8) from the very start. He started by getting the students to ask him questions which led to students having their hands up and down all through the 45 minutes he spoke. He shared some of his own socially awkward teenage moments and asked the students to suggest different scenarios, this resulted in roars of laughter.

The students are still talking about the ‘author visit’ two months after he came – testimony to his connection with the students.

If you want to make students realise that reading is a fun thing to do, book Andy Robb!!” K Ullman, Trinity School, Berkshire.


“Thank you so much for coming to our school. Your talk to our Year 7’s was interesting, energetic, engaging and very funny. The students have continued to talk enthusiastically about you and your books are flying off the shelf in the library. The visit was a great success – both staff and students had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to have you back to talk about your new book. I would be happy to recommend you to other schools for similar events.” S Fox, Librarian, Easthampstead Park Community School

“You made everyone laugh, until the tears went down their cheeks” Julia, pupil.

“Hi Andy, just wanted to say a huge thanks for the visit to our school last week. The students enjoyed listening to you and you dealt with the questions really well. Hugely entertaining!” E Bolton, teacher, Northumberland Park Community School.

“Your talk at my school today was fantastic – one of, if not the, best author events I’ve seen in my book-filled years. We all enjoyed it so much, we’re trying to persuade the school to drag you back!” Abi, pupil.



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  1. It’s entirely possible, chap! Drop me a line, with your address (I won’t publish it), and we’ll see what we can sort out. Best wishes, Andy.

  2. Wow thanks for the reply !

    I’m now even more eager for a third book – have you ever thought of doing a crowdfunding/ self published ? Through unbound ?

    The idea of a foreign exchange student sounds super interesting and curious how it goes, and yes I totally feel you on the whole will they won’t they with Archie and Sarah – I have had two thoughts on this – either they get together in admist a crisis – Han and leia style or Archie finds a full on loveble nerd in York when visiting his dad

    Thanks again for the reply, out of curiosity is it possible to purchase signed copies of your books ?

  3. Hi, Fred – and thanks for getting in touch! I’m so glad you enjoyed those books. I’m still really proud of them and, like you, frustrated that there wasn’t a third in the series. I did have a storyline ready to roll, which involved Archie having to share his home with a female foreign-exchange student, which added more problems for him and Sarah. There was a visit to a ComiCon for him, Beggsy, and Ravi to go to, and a personal problem for Ravi. I left it open-ended as to whether Archie and Sarah would finally get together – mainly because I couldn’t quite decide! What do you think? Should they or shouldn’t they? Very best wishes, Andy

  4. Hi Andy,

    I was hoping to organise a visit with you for the first week of March. Could you email me with an idea of your availability and pricing? It would be for a Library event and will include lots of enthusiastic year 7 students. I’ve heard many great things about you from a former colleague who said your visits were always excellent!


  5. Please please tell me there’s a chance of a third book !, I remember reading these books in secondary school years ago and found myself loving the series being a nerd myself and relating to almost everything that happened in the books.

    Fast forward to this Christmas and coming back to my old childhood bedroom and finding them on my bookshelf I couldn’t help but read them again and now I’m more desperate then ever to find out what happens next ! – I read theses books at 14/15 and now 7 years later I’m desperate !

    Please even if there’s no plans for a new book (I understand from some of the other comments publishers are against it ?) Could you ar least hint at what a loose storyline would be ? Will Archie and Sarah get together!

  6. Hi there, George! Thanks for your kind words and I’m so chuffed you enjoyed the books. Unfortunately, there are no plans from the publishers for a third. It’s a shame, as I’ve all but written it but, I think, the bare bones of it are that, while the Geekhood books have established a wonderful cult following, that hasn’t translated into sales. Having said that, I might get round to releasing the final book in another form – I’m very loathe to let it stop there! In the meantime, I’m pleased to be able to say that I’ve got a book coming out next year. It’s called Smashed and I’m quietly proud of it. It’s not a million miles away from Archie and pals so, if you’re interested, give it a bash! Stay safe and thanks for getting in touch. Andy.

  7. Good day!

    I happen to remember that there is still a Geekhood 3 which needs to come out, so I am wondering when(for like 4 years)? I absolutely loved the series and especially the funny comments, so I was really desperate searching for the third book to find out the ending. If the end of book 2 was the ending, although disappointing, I would take it – but I need confirmation from the author himself.

    Thank you!

  8. RB! Thanks so much for your kind and generous comments! I’m so glad Archie is still making new friends – and as far away as the Philippines! I’m glad you liked the ending; I didn’t want to fall into the trap of making it too easy as, in my experience, life doesn’t always work out that way. You’ve made my day and thanks again! Andy


    Hi Andy,

    I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for writing such a wonderful series. I can’t believe it took me this long to get to read it. Personally, it was one of the best reading experiences I’ve had, and I’ve read series such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! You had me flipping through pages ’til 2:30 in the morning! As a teenager and slight geek, it’s something that I can deeply relate to and it hits close to home (sometimes too close). Geekhood is a wonderful series that I feel a lot of teens my age should definitely read. It is such a fantastical yet grounded story that delivers wonderful intimate moments and you help paint vivid and clear images through your writing. Switching between scenes of real, ordinary life to the world of DnD and LARP was honestly brilliant and brought some action into the mix! Your writing also makes me see a part of myself in Archie and understand how he feels and thinks, making it all the more a better and immersive experience. There were times as well when I felt like I was in his shoes and I could feel the mood and atmosphere of where he was and the situation he was in (which sometimes felt oddly familiar). Although some think the ending isn’t the best and others even consider it a “bad ending”, I think it was one of the most realistic and best endings it could have had. Him choosing to say “No” to Sarah is the most mature and morally correct thing to do and they both reached a mutual understanding of this. The series is all about decision making and friendship and you really get to see Archie grow as a person through his choices and discernment. Your series inspires me to live my own life as best as I can and make the best possible choices (which will hopefully lead me to a girl as well). I hope you still find a way to publish the third book, although the ending was already great, it would be nice to have a proper and grand close, hopefully with Sarah and Archie finally together! I hope you’ll be happy to know that this is coming from someone thousands of miles away from where you live, all the way from the Philippines! Best of luck to you and your future endeavours, I cannot thank you enough!


  10. Hi Aimee – and thanks for your comments. I absolutely agree that the books are for young adults, not pre-teens, and I’m surprised they were sold to you under that guise. Unfortunately, as a writer, I have no control over who sells them or to whom. You’re also very right that I was trying to create something real; I’d reached a point where seeing the ‘hero’ solve all of their life’s problems with magic or something equally unattainable wasn’t what I wanted to communicate. Behind all the fruity talk in the Geekhood books, the message is about talking to those close to you. However, in your circumstances, I can see that wouldn’t be of much comfort. I do hope your daughters aren’t put off reading as there are some superb and age-appropriate books out there. Please accept my apologies. Best wishes, Andy.

  11. Hi Sandra – and thanks for your kind comments. ‘Mad’ is certainly right! Apologies for the late reply – if you’re still interested in having a halfwit turn up and torment your pupils, do drop me a line. Best wishes, Andy.

  12. Hi Katie – apologies for the late reply, but life ran away with more for a bit! Drop me a line and let’s see what we can do! Andy

  13. Hi there, Ibrahim! Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been stupidly busy! All I can say is – please have a go! Let me know how it goes and if I can help in any way. Best of luck! Andy

  14. I am sorry to say I found your books wildly inappropriate for children, I bought mission improbable for my 10 year old daughter and her friend, we read the blurb thinking it would be a cute love story, and I was extremely shocked when my daughter pointed out how much the characters talk about sex and related topics, I feel she and her friend are to young for this, I also feel that the characters are too young for this kind of talk, I realise you probably wanted to create something a bit more real for the kids but in my eyes this is far too real, children are already growing up too fast these days and books like this don’t help. I did not let my daughter (neither did my daughters friends mother) finish reading the book and I also informed her friends mother about the context of the book for which I felt very embarrassed about buying her, luckily our daughters are level headed kids that haven’t been effected by the context, I feel this is a book for young adults not pre teens. I will be returning the books back to the shop I bought them from.

  15. Hi Andy my name is Ibrahim and me and my friend josh are aspiring script writers. We have both read your book and have fell instantly in love with it. We are asking for your permission in letting us make a script of your brilliant book. Please email me back to discuss this further.
    Many thanks Ibrahim

  16. Hi Andy

    Thank you for the copy of Close Encounters of the Girl Kind! I’m very much looking forward to adding it to my stock. Could you please get in contact with me in regards to having you visit, it is something I would like to see happen.

    All the best


  17. Hi Andy,

    Saw you at a signing event in Frimley last Friday and you were absolutely brilliant!!! I did think to myself, what sort of an author wears a hat and scarf when it is nearly 30 degrees? Clearly one that is engaging, creative, funny, witty, mad etc etc! You had the students in the palm of your hand from the outset. I will definitely be in touch to see if you could come and visit our school. Thank you for your inspiration. Love the hat and scarf by the way!

  18. Good luck, chap! Have you tried contacting The Times? Hope you enjoy the book – let me know!

  19. Re. Hippie girl dance pic. named “Tent with a view” Sunday Times.
    Thanks for reply Andy, Just to fill you in. My 23rd Glasto, early morning photo shoot by your name sake, no one around except me by my tent. Ducked out of view ( 5 mins of fame gone, ha ha ) He got the perfect picture, sea of tents and beautiful girl dance. Picture 8 inch by 8, back page. I will finish quest,and will read a book. x

  20. Hi Rob! Sorry to say, it wasn’t me – but I wish you the best of luck with your quest! Andy

  21. Hi Andy.
    Rob here; i might be barking up the wrong tree, a thing i often do these days. But did you go to Glastonbury Festival in 1999 and take a beautiful photo of a hippie girl that ended on the back page of the Sunday Times, with the title, “Tent with a view” If so, ( or not ) give me a tinkle.
    Regards Rob and Debs.

  22. Thanks so much! And please call me Andy; I never feel grown-up enough to be a Mister! I hope you enjoy the second as much as the first!

  23. I love Geek-hood because kids like me can relate to it.I like it so much that i’m reading the second book!!! Carry on what you are doing Mr Robb

  24. Love your feedback, Jean – huge thanks! To business: there was (and hopefully still is) a third book to come. This book was to e Ravi’s story; there are clues laid out in the first books as to where it might go. As for the endings – I wanted to reflect how things appear to have panned out in my life, which meant a couple of strikes before actually winning, if you see what I mean. The ending to the third was going to be very different to the first two – although not what you might expect! If it goes ahead, all will be revealed…

  25. *Spoilers about the two books, don’t read if you still don’t finish your reading*

    Oh man, the two books are awseome Andy, but why they two have “bad endings”? Nerds cannot be happy and fall in love? ahauahuaa

    The Death Star was destroeid two times by the rebels, my heart was destroeid two times on that endings hahahaha

    If you do a third book, can you please, don’t destrot the “starkilller” this time?

    Sarah and Archie deservescto be happy togther and btw, what’s the matter with Ravi? Two books and we know more about Marvin than Ravi.

  26. Hi George! Not for the moment. I’ve been working on something else, which will be available on audio and e-book, this year. All I can say at the moment is ‘sci-fi’. I’ll be announcing it in the not-too-distant. Thanks for the feedback, though! Archie’s adventures aren’t over, yet…

  27. Any more geekhood books coming up? They make me feel involved with the story


  28. Hi Rodney. Nigel was an amazing man, a fantastic actor and I’m proud to have been a friend of his. I’m compiling a book on his life, which will hopefully shine more of a light on him for you and anyone else whose life he somehow touched. It’s in the early stages, but I’ll be making announcements as it comes together. Best wishes, Andy.

  29. Dear Sir,
    Since learning of the passing of Mr. Nigel Terry last year, I have been somewhat fascinated/haunted by his life. His performance in Excalibur has resonated with me in different ways throughout my life, and I can relate to what seems to be his melancholic personality. Although he starred in one of the most iconic fantasy films of all time, his personal life is somewhat of an enigma. In researching him I found your piece “Don’t meet your heroes?” and agree that you should take a chance, if the opportunity presents itself, to connect with people you admire.

    Since you worked with Nigel after admiring him as a youth, what can you tell me about him that isn’t already documented? He seems to have lived, and died, a lonely and tortured soul which makes his performance in Excalibur, spanning from youth to death, even more compelling in retrospect. Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of my message.

    Best Regards,

  30. Hi Andy
    Thank you so much- that just put a little grin on my face?.
    You too.

    Lauren Hughes

  31. Lauren – it’s a pleasure! I’ve still got a few books, so getting one to you won’t be a problem. If Mrs Flory gets in touch, I can come and drop yours into the school. Have a great Easter!


  32. Hi again
    It was good to see you too! Its nice to know Hugh remembers us too. Wow! You’ve lived on there for as long as I can remember! I’ll have a word with Mrs Flory after the holidays – thank you for going out of your way to make sure I’m happy?. Even today everyone was still talking about seeing you! Hope you and Hugh have a lovely Easter ?.
    Its so nice that an author can take time out of their life to have a little chat with someone like me?.

    Enjoy Easter
    Lauren Hughes

  33. Lauren! Chelsea! It was bloomin’ marvelous to see you guys again! And it’s so lovely that you guys remember Hugh! I saw him this evening and he remembered all you guys, too! Yep – I still live on a houseboat, which is great in the summer, but useless in the winter as it’s so cold. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything in Windsor Waterstones – but have a word with Mrs Flory and I can sort out signing a book for you, no problem. And the Geek thing: it’s a badge of honour, mate! Wear it and wear it loud!

    Thanks so much for getting in touch!


  34. Hey Andy

    Thanks ever so much for an amazing chat today at trevelyan middle (btw everyone spent the next hour talking about how funny you were).
    You’ve really got my brain clicking again. A few months back I thought about becoming an author I tried to get my self going but in the end gave up on that dream.
    Your approach is so fun and actually interesting too, unlike some ( they might come in read for half hour then tell us where they do all the writing).
    It’s nice to know you remember us @etonwickgang.
    Sorry to hear about Hugh.
    Do you still live on a house boat?
    Also I was wondering would you at any point be doing another author event at the Windsor waterstones? I was going to come and get a book today but was a little bit shy, I’m kicking myself now for not (not literally though). Would love to get a book signed by you.
    As soon as we were told there was an author event and his name was Andy robb I was like, I know him that’s Hugh’s dad.?
    The geek thing you mentioned earlier too, all of my friends call me a geek or Matilda because I’ve always got my head in a book. But as you say I don’t think of it as an insult because really I know I am one I just laugh it off and wear it like a medal I’m proud of.

    Thank you ever so much
    Lauren Hughes, Chelsea Matsell @trevelyan middle

  35. Hi Joe!

    That’s made my Monday morning, mate – thanks so much! I’m not sure there will be a third in traditional book form but, having said that, I’ve had so many requests for the third that I think I’m going to write it anyway. Watch this space.

    Thanks for reading them!


  36. Dear Andy

    Hey, i just wanted to say that i normally don’t do much reading. But both of the geek-hood books have really got me into it, i really hop that a third one on on the way because i kinda want to know what happens next 🙂

    thank you for two great books

  37. Thanks so much, Sara! I listened back to it and did a bit of a cringe. The thing was I was so nervous, my mouth wasn’t really being edited by my brain- but I’m glad you enjoyed it! Huge thanks!

  38. It was great to hear you on pop master and so glad you won the radio. We need more happy genuine people like you on the tv and radio! gOod luck with your books! X

  39. 9 points – questions for both of you were stinkers today – all hail Iron Maiden.

  40. I’m trying man! You ever thought of publishing a new story? Like- whole new universe sort of thing? You could probably write Fantasy or SciFi really well!!

  41. The majority of actors barely scrape a living, chap – so you need strings to your bow. Keep writing – there are various projects that went by the wayside before Geekhood came along. You’ve got as much chance as anyone. Good luck!

  42. I was under the impression that acting paid well? or is that just The Media doing it’s job? XD I’m certainly glad that writing went well for you! Was it tough to get started and then continue? I’ve got… 25 Chapter 1s and story ideas spread over three computers and two notebooks!! But when you get a story as good as Geekhood I guess it writes itself!

    Oh and Andy… Bring 😉 It 😉 On 😛

  43. I’m no chicken, mate! As regards showbiz – it wasn’t that I don’t enjoy acting – I still keep my hand in but, wit the birth of my son, I needed to make proper money. So I had to get a Real Job, which was as a copywriter. I did the writing thing as a sort of personal challenge, in the background – and got lucky. I think I got into acting because I have an ego the size of Manhattan and people tell you nice things. I’m a show-off, in other words!

  44. I would be happy to prove myself right in a game some time 😉 unless… you’re too chicken 😛
    Also I thought of another question in my sleep deprived state last night: From what I can see below you got into writing because you didn’t enjoy acting? But what got you into acting?

  45. *Turns to Wraithknight*
    Bring it on, Andy 😉 you may have written the best book, but I have the best Craftworld 😛

  46. If there are I am yet to find them!! Apart from one friend who keeps pestering for me to DM for a game of D&D!
    Eldrad Ulthran is the best Farseer in any galaxy! Better then “Ghazghkull Thraka” 😛 Four consanants in a row??

  47. Connor – who knows? I’m sure there must be a Geek or two hiding in an agricultural college…

    Eldrad Ulthran? Sounds like a hemorrhoid cream. ORKS FOREVER!!!

  48. Hello again Andy. It is so great to hear back from you!!! I was glad to see such a famous celeb reply!It’s a shame to hear about there not being a third book, because I really enjoy your style of writing.
    I suppose, as an author, people don’t necessarily know what you look like – unlike TV or film – so people wouldn’t recognize you as much. I would definitely say you’re a celebrity though! One of my favourites, especially after receiving a reply!! I’ll give the college your name, but I’m not sure an agricultural college is really your target audience!
    Many thanks again.
    Connor – Who would love to see any “Space Ork” army try and take on Eldrad Ulthran and his Storm Guardians of Ulthwe!

  49. Connor – you are a gent! I don’t think there’s going to be a third – not in the traditional sense. Although the books have developed something of a cult following, they’re not registering on the publisher’s sales radar well enough for them to invest in another round. Which is a real shame, as I’ve got it all mapped-out and ready to write! However, I might go ahead and self-publish; we shall see. I’m not sure I am a celebrity as such – I’ve done bits of showbiz and am relatively well-known as an author, but there’ve been no red-carpet events just yet! Plus, you can find out pretty much anything about anyone thanks to the joys of the Internet – which I’m fine with. I’d love to come to Wiltshire – I’m always up for school/college/university/anything visits – so if you know one that wants a dopey author to turn up and ramble, give them my name!

    Thanks so much for the feedback – I hope you like Book 2.

    And, for the record, I play Space Orks. Who eat Eldar for breakfast.

  50. Hello Andy!
    I am simply another fan, writing to say how much I absolutely LOVEEEE your first book!! I’ve only just found out there’s a second one **mind explodes with excitement** Any chance of a third? 😉
    Despite being 17 there were several points whilst reading Close Encounters (which I have done many times) Where I felt like I WAS Archie! Especially when Tony calls Sarah his ‘girlfriend’ out of the car window! I cringed so much!! XD It’s great to be able to relate so closely with a character!
    I was also wondering – as a celebrity, do you find it weird that people (like myself) know far more about you than you know about them? Strikes me as pretty creepy…
    Thank you if you read this!!!
    Please come to Wiltshire soon!!
    Connor – who’s Eldar army would beat up your Space Marines 😉

  51. Pleasure, mate!And if I do make it up there, Forbidden Planet is on the list!

  52. Hi again, Andy! It’s amazing to get feedback from a celeb!! I shall speak to my librarian tomorrow. I have some geeky friends who would love to meet you! Liverpool is just as great as ever! You should visit For Forbidden Planet by Liverpool Central if you come to Liverpool. Geekiest shop on the planet! It was amazing to hear back from you!

  53. Max! Thank you for your feedback – cheered me right up! I’d love to see the books on telly or in the cinema, but it’s not up to me. There was some interest from a TV company last year, but it sort of fizzled out. As for a third book – I don’t think it’ll happen through the usual routes, but I’ve got the story in my head and I might just do it off my own back – we shall see. If you think your school might want an author visit from me, tell your school librarian to get in touch; I haven’t been to Liverpool for a while and I could do with an excuse to go back! Thanks again- and stay geeky! There are so few of us prepared to show our colours! Best – Andy.

  54. Hi Again! I really meant that your books are very relaitable. Damn you, autocorrect!!!!!! Your books are still amazing. Please come and visit my school. It’s St. Anselm’s College in Birkenhead. I would love my own copy of your books. Even more if there signed!!!!!

  55. Hi Andy! I am a big fan of your books. They are actualy very repairable to me! They are so fun to read and I would love third book. I love the pop culture references you include in your books. I think you should consider making it a TV series on CBBC or make it a movie. I’m sure many geeks, including myself, would love to see it!! Your books have got me into DandD, Warhammer and LARPing!!!! I am loving them all so far. Thank you so much for making these books the best I have ever read. I hope to hear back from you. Max Andrew Kenney

  56. Hi Halim – and thanks for the feedback; I really appreciate it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’ll be a Geekhood 3 – at least not from the publishers of 1 and 2. However, I’m seriously thinking about writing it and publishing it as an e-book, off my own back. I agree, there are some questions left unanswered and it would be nice to tie them up. As for a title – no idea. Any suggestions gratefully received! Best wishes and many thanks! Andy.

  57. I loved Geekhood-Close encounters the girl kind and geekhood mission improbable, I got them from my school library on Monday and I loved the first so much that I ended up reading both in the same night!! Are you planning on writing and publishing a 3rd Geekhood book- because the 2nd left you feeling like you wanted to know what happens next, when Archie goes home his parents find out about him saying no to Sarah… the list goes on!!
    If a third was released, what would it be called??

  58. Collette – it was an absolute pleasure! And please pass on my thanks to each group, for being such a fun bunch! Andy

  59. Dear Andy,

    I should like to thank you once again for coming out to Garth Hill College today to talk at the Berkshire Book Award Pen to Page event. I think I can honestly say I have not seen so many engaged and amused pupils in a long time. Keep up the good work. We’d love to have you back again some time.


  60. Morgan! Thanks SO much for your feedback; you’ve made a tired old author very happy! There’s good and bad news about Geekhood 3. The bad news is that it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. The good news is that I’ve got the story nicely plotted out and if there’s enough demand, I’ll write it anyway and self-publish. In other news, I’m working on something else that, if you liked Geekhood, should be right up your street! And I play Warhammer 40k, as well as D&D – we’re all Geeks, mate! Thanks again. Andy.

  61. I love geekhood I’ve read them 5 times and in reading no.1 for the 6th time right now I wondered if and when no.3 will be released these books are practically wrote about me only I play warhammer instead of dungeons and dragons

  62. Matthew, it was a pleasure. And if you decide writing isn’t for you, I think you might have a burgeoning career as an interviewer or a talk-show host! Nicely done, sir. Andy.

  63. Thank you very much Andy for coming to speak at my school today. I enjoyed your talk very much and I also had fun interviewing you. I had a great time writing the article and can’t wait to start reading your books.

  64. Thank you so much for your feedback. I’d love to write another Geekhood, but I don’t think the publishers are behind it. HOWEVER!!! I have the third story firm;y in my mind and, if it doesn’t happen within the next year, I might just publish it myself! In the meantime, I’ve written something else that I hope to have out in the next year, so keep your eyes peeled. I’m genuinely humbled that you’ve enjoyed the books so far – they are thinly disguised autobiographies and it’s nice to think that other folk relate to the things I’ve been through. Thanks again, George – it’s good to know there are people out there like yourself. Andy

  65. Hi Andy,
    I am a huge fan of both geekhood books and to be honest they are the only books I have ever been genuinely excited to read. I really really think you should write another and make it a trilogy. Do you plan on a third geekhood?

  66. Oi, Juliano – e obrigado por entrar em contato comigo! Estou tão feliz que tenha gostado do primeiro livro. Eu sei que a segunda é devida a ser publicado, mas não sei quando. Espero que as editoras me avisem – assim eu espalhar a notícia! Obrigado mais uma vez, Andy.

  67. Oi eu sou brasileiro tenho 13 anos mas não sei escreve em inglês.
    Eu achei muito legal o seu livro, principalmente porque ele nos faz imaginar como os personagens são conforme a nossa realidade, e pretendo comprar o seu livro chamado: Geek hood mission improbable.
    Ele já está nas livrarias brasileiras?

  68. Hi James – thanks for dropping me a line! What I did was go through my local theatre and did anything that was available. I think that’s the best advice I can give. Don’t just focus on the acting side, work in any department you can and get to know how a theatre works. Failing that, apply to work as a runner on a film set or for your local TV company. It’s hard work, but it can be very rewarding. I hope that helps – good luck! Andy

  69. Hi Andy,
    I saw you at the Cheltenham Literature Festival last year and I was just wondering if I could ask for your advice. I am doing Work Experience in July and I was wondering if you did anything or if you knew anyone or anywhere I could go for three days as I am interested in Drama and would love to do it in the future. Thank you,
    James Scott

  70. He has and lives a quiet life. Still keeps his hand in with showbiz; he was recently interviewed for the Excalibur Anniversary documentary. Not sure where you’d find it, but the Internet is probably the best place to start!

  71. Awesome ! So glad he’s a nice guy. Would be so disappointed if my old crush was secretly a jerk. Google says he’s moved to Cornwall. What’s he doing down there? Has he retired?

  72. Hi Lucy – yup, I do writing, too. Nigel is a lovely chap; we still speak on a regular basis, although I haven’t seen him for a while. I’ll pass on your wishes and overdue love to him – he’ll really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy the book – let me know how you get on with it. Andy

  73. Hi Andy – I had no idea you wrote books. I know you from ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’. I’ve seen it about a thousand times. I played it pretty much continuously after I had my wisdom teeth pulled. It cheered me up even when I felt doomed to slurp my food for the rest of eternity. I still feel sad for poor old Mr. Boldwood. Although maybe I only feel for him because some part of me is still in love with Nigel Terry from his Excalibur days! What’s he like anyway?

  74. Collette Shine, School Librarian, The Forest School and Berkshire Book Award Chair on said:

    Dear Andy,

    I am Chair of Berkshire Book Award, an award run by School Librarians but which is nominated and voted for by pupils aged eleven to fourteen. We are planning a Pen to Page event in the week commencing 9th of February 2015 and I wondered if you would be available to give a talk to the pupils.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Collette Shine

  75. Wow, George – thank you! I’m so glad you liked them! And as regards the third… I might just do it, anyway! At the moment, things are being held up by the folk in charge of publishing. But, I suppose, I might be able to just do it myself. I shall give it serious thought. Thanks so much for your feedback – I really appreciate it. Andy

  76. Hi Andy I finished both your books in four days, I’m eleven and I was really looking forward to a third geekhood book, please make more!

    Yours sincerely

  77. Hi Andy,
    I’m eleven and I finished both of your geekhood books in 4 days, I loved them and got upset when I found out there were only two books.
    Please can you make another?

    Yours sincerely

  78. Hi Linda – and thanks for your enquiry. Have replied to your email! Thanks again, Andy.

  79. Hi Andy
    What age group does your readership tend to be? I’m thinking of school visits for next yeat but although our boys are quite geeky love games like ‘warhammer’ and minecraft etc – I wonder if your books are more for teens? We’re in Kingston upon Thames and have boys up to 13yrs.
    Kind regards

  80. Illustration is bit out of my scope, mate – but what I can suggest is that, if you use Twitter, follow people like Sarah McIntyre (@jabberwocks) and other artists you like. It also might be worth following people who are active in the book world on a design level, like Thomas Truong (who is my publisher’s design chief person) (@truongthomas) and asking their advice online. Most of these folk are pretty friendly and happy to talk. It’s also worth chucking up some examples of your work, just in case! Hope that helps! Andy

  81. Haha and also I was wondering if you could email me or somthing with some tips on how to get into illustration as I am a good drawer and i would love that as a job?
    Thanks jack

  82. Jack! Of course I remember you, chap! I think you’ve just made my day with that comment! Hope you enjoy the book and wish you all the luck in the world! Andy

  83. Hi Andy I don’t no if you remember me you came to visit framwellgate school year 8s today and I stayed back at the end with Andrew? I just wanted to say that your are a huge inspiration to me and I am so happy to of met you! Thanks again Jack

  84. Hi Elle! Thanks for the feedback – I’m glad you guys enjoyed it, because I had a right old laugh! Plenty of actors do without agents, so don’t panic. However, if you can get one, they can save you a lot of bother, chasing auditions. Acting now is entirely possible; you don’t need money to have an agent – you just need to be good at what you do. You could Google agents for teens in your area – but don’t go with anyone who asks for a registration fee or any other kind of cash. A good agent won’t. You could also write to your local theatre and ask if they have any work-experience placements going. I started out shifting scenery as a theatre in Scarborough and learnt so much just by hanging around the actors and stage managers. Best of luck and I hope to see you out there! Andy

  85. Hey Andy!

    I am in year 8 and you came to visit our school today and it was amazing! It is my dream when I am older to be an actress and you were very inspirational. If you want to be successful in acting do you need to have an agent? Because when I’m older I am worried that I won’t be able to find one and will therefore have no career. I would love to do acting professionally right now but I know that its kind of impossible because it seems like only rich kids from London with agents can get jobs. Do you have any tips on agents or just about findinh about auditions? Thanks xx

  86. Thanks for the feedback, Flynn – I really appreciate it! LARPing is hilarious fun; I’ve only done a bit, but each time has been brilliant. Maybe Google LARPs in your area? I’d love to make this a trilogy, but I’m waiting to hear from the publishers if it’s going to happen. If I do, I’ll certainly bear your ideas in mind! In the meantime, I’m writing something else, which I hope to be talking about later in the year. Best wishes and Huge Thanks! Andy

  87. dear andy

    i just finished reading the sequel and was surprised that someone had made my dreams come true about LARPing. it sounded so fun i might even try it one day!!!
    if you decide to make this a trilogy or a series well i would have to be crazy if i said i cant wait. i was also wondering if maybe you could bring cate back if you write another book because she was a funny character and maybe him and oliver could be freinds?
    thanks again for the sequel

  88. dear andy

    i just finished reading the sequel and was surprised that someone had made my dreams come true about LARPing. it sounded so fun i might even try it one day!!!
    if you decide to make this a trilogy or a series well i would have to be crazy if i said i cant wait. i was also wondering if maybe you could bring cate back if you write another book because she was a funny character and maybe him and oliver could be freinds?


  89. Hi Andy!
    I am the School Librarian at Clifton High School in Bristol. I would love to invite you to visit our pupils. Could you possibly email me so we can try and arrange something?
    Thank you,

  90. Thanks, Tom – that;s such a lovely thing to hear on a wet Thursday evening! I agree with you; it used to bug me when I was a teen how books seemed to talk down to me, rather than sound like I was thinking them, if you see what I mean. I’ve always thought that the teenage years are the ones where you have some of your most profound and sophisticated thoughts – as well as some of the dafter ones! I’m glad it worked for you – and I hope the third book makes it, too! Merry Christmas and thanks again. Andy

  91. I’m a huge fan of Geekhood! Most books about teenagers written by adults don’t necessarily show an accurate portrayal of how we think, but you’ve captured our thoughts perfectly! I really hope you get the third book published and I can’t wait to read it!


  92. Hi Andy,

    My son James saw you today at Summerhill School in Kingswinford and was really impressed. Unfortunately he did not have enough money to buy a signed book from you.
    Is it possible that you could send him a signed copy of both your books if we zip you over the money please?

    Thanks in advance Lisa

  93. Hi, Gemma! Thanks so much for your feedback – what a lovely thing to hear! I hope Mission Improbable hits the spot, too – do let me know. Have a very Merry Christmas – and thanks again. Andy

  94. Hi Andy,
    I’m in highschool and I’m experiencing the same things as Archie and know how it feels to a geek I can really relate to the book and it was a joy to read. I’d love to have mission improbable as my next read… Keep doing what your doing and enjoy writing your next book (if one is being wrote) your a great writer and relate so well to the reader! From Gemma

  95. Sasha’s a good name – I’m sure it’ll turn up somewhere, at some point!

  96. Hi Sasha! I remember it well! I don’t have the photos; I think they were taken by a member of staff or the photographer who came along. If you ask the teacher who organised it (I can’t remember her name) could you ask them to drop me a few as well? Thanks! Andy

  97. Hey Andy! im from hayesfeild school and i loved it when you visited are so funny and i hope we helped you find out what girls like tehee…. also i was wondering all of the pictures that were took on the day like when you were signing autos and stuff if it was possible you could upload those photos on these website or send them to me i would be delited to see them! You really inspire me i love ur books. i hope you write back soon! sasha x

  98. Thanks, Philip! I have replied – there should be an email waiting for you in your inbox! Andy

  99. Hello, Andy? My name is Philip and I am the chief editor of a literary site in Brazil. Partner of many publishers especially Galera Record responsible for the publication of his book on Brazilian soil. I was very happy to read your comment in the review of Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind, thanks anyway!! I’m Crazy, crazy even to read the second book Geekhood: Mission Improbable. Hopefully in early 2014 to publishing bid here. Is not it? To disclose book in Brazil, would like to invite you to sending 12 interview questions in your email after your reply we would put in the air on our site. Would you accept? Dying to know more about this series, trilogy … and the next … one of the best books I read in 2013. Thanks!! I await your return.

  100. Fatima – that’s such a lovely think to hear. I’m glad you enjoyed the visit – be sure to let me know what you think of the book! Many thanks! Andy

  101. hey
    am a crazy fan of geekhood Andy Robb came to our school and talked about the book.
    i have ordered the book and am waiting for it.

  102. Hi Alfie! Yes, I have – and it’s hilarious! I go to one called Fields of Illusion; writing the book actually gave me the bug for it and I’m going in August. The group are on Facebook, but you can find one near to you, just by Googling it. If you do go to one, drop me a line. If you’d consider writing a piece about your experiences, I’d love to have it on my site as a guest post; I think LARPing has a lot going for it – I’ve seen really underconfident people virtually transform into sure-of-themselves characters. Let me know if you do. Best, Andy.

  103. I forgot to ask have you ever actually gone LARPing? Your book persuaded me I want to do it myself.

  104. Bless you, chap! I’m waiting to hear about the possibility of a third – it’s not entirely up to me, but I’ve mapped the story out, just in case; it’s ready to go! Really glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  105. Hi Andy,
    I have just finished reading Geekhood Mission Improbable and I really enjoyed it, especially the twist ending. You have really left me hanging. PLEASE write a sequel.

  106. Eden, bless you – that’s very kind of you – I suspect you might be confusing me with someone else! Hope you enjoy the books – do let me know! Andy

  107. Hiya Andy!
    I just discovered your blog after watching you in some of yourCoronation Street performances from 1998. Really enjoy your acting and think you are absolutely gorgeous! Looking forward to reading your books.
    Have a blessed and magical day!
    Eden x

  108. Rachel – and I’d like to thank YOU for such lovely feedback! So glad you enjoyed it; do let me know how you get on with Mission Improbable. Thanks again! Andy

  109. Hi Andy, Rachel here. I’d just like to thank you for for an awesome book. I bought it on Tuesday and had finished it by yesterday, Wednesday. I found it a joy to read and i gripped like a vice -I can’t wait to get the next one! Thanks for being such an awesome dude and writing cool books.

  110. I’m hoping so, Karl. It all depends on how Books 1 + 2 do. I know the publishers are behind it but it’s all about the business side of things at the moment. But I really appreciate the feedback! Andy

  111. Just finished Mission Improbable, loved it as much as I did CEoGK, but is there any chance of a sequel?

  112. Bless you, Julia! I was chuckling on the drive home at some of the answers! You guys were fantastic and I hope the school will have me back again! Andy

  113. Thank you,
    My brothers called Oliver and I’m really grateful.

  114. Hi,Andy

    Today at trinity school was awesome you made us laugh a lot!
    all of us from year 7 and 8 wanted to know loads of information from you. We couldn’t stop putting our hands up for more and more questions!!

    It was really funny when you said that Catherine said ”i know that you fancy someone who is it” all of us had loads of funny answers that made everyone laugh until their tears went down their cheeks.

  115. Thanks, Harry! I had a great time with you lot! I suppose what made me write the first book was a desire to see if I had it in me to write anything; a sort of personal challenge. Andy

  116. Declan – you guys were great. And thankYOU for the questions! Hope you enjoy the book. Andy

  117. Chloe – have a word with Mrs Ullman; she wants a couple extra, too. I’ll chat with her on Monday and see if we can sort something out, but if you let her know, then I’ll sort out a signed one for you – but I’ll need to know his name. Hope that helps! Andy

  118. Hi, Andy
    just realised I forgot to write in my last message how awsome today was and I the visit has shown me another side of books and really appreiated it. I wish you the best for your future acting and writing carrer.
    Chloe 😛

  119. Hey,
    I have wrote this regarding a request in relation to my brother. Today you were at my school talking and selling signed books. Unfortunately I forgot the money to get a signed book for my brother as a present ( he’s going on a residential trip) and was wondering if there was and other possible way of me purchasing it? I hope this isn’t too much to much to ask but I’m ok if its not possible.
    Thank you, Chloe

  120. Hi andy i was at trinity school today and i thought u were funny! anyway i was just going to say thank u for the book for best question i will start to read it tonight

  121. Hi Andy! Thank you so much for coming to my school today (Trinity) you made us all laugh and your book is great. I have a question aswell it is___ What made you write your 1st book.

  122. Hi, Millie. A lot of it was to do with being an actor and telling other people’s stories, in the form of plays. Some of those stories are unrewarding; you don’t believe in them. So, I decided to have a go at writing something I believed in. It was more of a personal challenge than anything, but it ended up getting published, so now I get to call myself an author! Hope that helps, Andy.

  123. Hi, Declan! I think I’m seeing you guys next week? The short answer is that most of what I’ve written is lifted from life. I don’t think I’d have the skill to create some of the conversations or events that are in the books, out of nowhere. And also, because there are things in the book I’d like to try and communicate to the reader, I think it’d be like lying if I was to try and pass on a message about something I feel is important, but thatI haven’t experienced. I hope that makes sense! Drop me a line with any more questions and if I can help, I will! Andy

  124. Hi Andy …my name is Declan Smyth and we are learning about you at my school, Where you are visiting soon, for my homework i need to ask you a question. My question is = Where do you get your ideas from? is it just your life or do you dream it all up?

  125. And thank YOU, Holly, for such wonderful feedback. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the books – it really does mean an awful lot to hear that. And I’m delighted you’ve started to write again! Currently waiting to see if there’s going to be a Geekhood 3 – but that’s all in the hands of the grown-ups. Fingers crossed! Best wishes, Andy.

  126. Hi, I read Geekhood Mission Improbable on Sunday and it took around 6 hours to read because once I picked it up I could not put it down. I got the first Geekhood book for Christmas and it took about 2 days I think and it was incredible. I would just like to say a huge thank you because these books mean a lot to me and I can relate to Archie because of how realistic he is. Thank you your books have inspired me to start to write again. Thank you!

  127. I do, Arnie – maybe I’ll get back there with the second book! Andy

  128. Andy got a poster of you and my book signed in my school and remember that time you took a picture with us in our school desborough

  129. Hi there! Anyone who names themself after an obscure Fourth Doctor reference has got to be cool, in my eyes! Yes – as far as I’m aware, Mission Improbable will be out on Kindle – if it isn’t already. Thanks for the feedback! Andy.

  130. Hi Andy,

    I loved the first Geekhood book, after a recommendation by Laura a.k.a. Sisterspooky, and managed to read through it in a day whilst I was on holiday.

    Any plans to release Mission: Improbable on Kindle in the UK?


  131. Hey, Jodie! Thanks for the feedback – I really appreciate it!

  132. Hi I really like you geekhood mission improbable!! I read it in 3 days !!! Total record for me !! Anyway when I was reading this I couldn’t help but think that it was sort of like roal models and drilbet Taylor mashed together! Im sorry but I don’t have an email adress
    : ( love Jodie xxx

  133. Hi, Owen! Thanks for the feedback – yep, Geekhood: Mission Improbable is out on kindle/eBook – I think Amazon either has it or will do very shortly. Best, Andy.

  134. Read the first book after my grandma got it signed for me. Will there be a kindle version of the second one?
    Good work
    Owen Manze 🙂

  135. Great stuff, Arnie! When you’ve posted it, send me a link! Andy

  136. Hi Andy wow cannot believe it author and actor nice i made a review video just for you andy

  137. Hey there! It was great coming to your school; you guys were a real blast! Yeah – Geekhood has a lot of stuff in it that actually happened to me in my teens. Let me know how you get on with your artistic pursuits – they’re a fine thing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Andy

  138. hi andy its my the one i spoke to you in youtube i didnt see you open that much uploads in youtube and the book and thank you for coming to our school 3 or 4 weeks ago at desborough because you where the first artist i met and i never knew artist lived in maidenhead thank you i kept your signature i took a pic of it and a poster of you in my room thank you andy geekhood was part of your true story wasnt it

  139. Thanks, Amy-Anne! I have replied to you – and forgive my stupidity! Andy

  140. First up, I absolutely LOVE Geekhood, reminds me so much of The Big Bang Theory!

    Secondly, I have a blog over at {website} with over 18,000 readers.

    Would you be able to send me a signed bookplate to stick in and I’ll feature Geekhood on my blog?

    I’ll wait for your reply!


    Amy-Anne Williams

  141. Liam – I really hope to see you there, chap! April 8th, time to be confirmed, Waterstones, High Street Kensington. Andy

  142. Hi Andy
    Ive got to say its been fantastic reading through your site and blog posts! I know im going to get told off for not doing much work today haha!
    Following your post on the Facebook page, I’ve got a Spiderman outfit and a somewhat terrifying two face outfit under contruction. I’d love to help out with any event and even more so if its located in London!
    Keep up the amazing work!

  143. I will! And you can get a photo to prove it! Thankyou. Have sent you an email. Andy.

  144. Hullo there, saw on one of the facebook groups that you were looking for superheroes? I am a movie accurate Loki and I would love to come and join you in London, as long as you promise to KNEEEEEL!

  145. Hi Amy! Yep – I love the Fourth Doctor, but I’m also a big fan of the current one. Haven’t seen Big Bang, but I’ve heard a lot about it. You can find my FB and Twitter addresses on the homepage of this site. Thanks! Andy

  146. Ryan – and thankYOU, chap, for your feedback! Hope you enjoy the book and I really hope to come back. You guys were brilliant! Andy

  147. Hey andy u know the kid who ask u what doctor do u like well thats me i was wondering do u like big bang theory and witch character .are u on facebook

  148. Hi andy!
    you came into my school today (Summerhill School, west midilands). Just want to say thanks for a great time and hopefully you can do it agin some time!

    Ryan 😀

  149. Thanks for the feedback, Eileen – it was great fun! I’d love some photos – I’ll email you with my address. Andy

  150. Hi Andy, just wanted to say a huge thanks for the visit to our school last week. The students enjoyed listening to you and you dealt with the questions really well. Hugely entertaining! Let me know if you’d like some photos from the event. Best wishes, Eileen

  151. As long as he was having a good time, I don’t mind! Andy

  152. Erchin – the honour was all mine; you guys were great to work with and I hope you enjoy the book! Andy

  153. Ozlem – it was an absolute pleasure and don’t worry; I ain’t either! Andy

  154. I am the one who was sitting next to that hilarious guy (on the computers)


  155. It was a great honor meeting you Andy.

    Tnx for coming to NPCS(Northumberland Park Community School) and make our day.

    It was Fun hearing stories from you.

    Especially, the 13 year old one 😀

  156. thanx for answering my questions 😀 I aint going to forget today 😀

  157. Hi Ozlem – amd thanks for the questions! Geekhood actually started life as a medieval romance between a witch and a witchfinder but, when I pitched the idea to my agent, she said it wasn’t contemporary enough. I went back to the drawing board, but liked the slightly magical aspect, which I kept in Sarah. Most of the stories in the book are based in truth; my hapless attempts to woo girls, so I suppose the inspiration was my own Bag of Experience. As for when did I start thinking out writing – I also work as an actor. I love it, but I’m also aware that you’re alwats telling someone else’s story and I thought I’d try and write my own. I thought about writing for a long time, until getting to grips with Geekhood in 2011. Hope that helps! If not – drop me a line. Andy

  158. Me neither, Ozlem – looking forward to meeting you guys!

  159. Cant wait till you come to northumbland park community school to sell your books!!

  160. Dear Andy,
    For my school work i have been asked to ask you two questions. They are ;
    What inspired you to write geekhood?
    When did you start taking intrest in writing books?

    If you read this then thank you for taking your time reading it.

  161. Bless you, Ma’am – and thanks for your feedback! Archie’s adventures/disasters continue in April – I’ll be banging the drum, so keep your eyes peeled! Hope to see you guys again, soon! Andy

  162. Hiya Andy,

    I actually finished Geekhood Friday before last, but I haven’t had the chance to assure you that it was even better than I thought it would be!

    The different voices are incredible, and so much detail has gone into the characters.

    I must say though, you should have refused to answer when Megan asked what your favourite book was when you visited – it’s obvious in the book! (Which, again I say is fantastic).

    I especially loved the way you describe elves, personally I thought it was spot on.

    Overall I just wanted to congratulate you on having written such a great book and say that I can’t wait for the sequal – I am very interested to know what Archie does next!!

    You obviously have a knack for writing good books, don’t stop!

    All the best,
    Abi x

  163. Hiya Andy,

    I actually finished Geekhood Friday before last, but I haven’t had the chance to assure you that it was even better than I thought it would be!

    The different voices are incredible, and so much detail has gone into the characters.

  164. Hi Andy,

    I just finished reading Geekhood. Great book! I’m looking forward to the sequel.

    I am an author myself–the “Sue” series–and now have a manuscript for a contemporary YA novel of male teenage angst. Your book is similar in voice (internal and external) to mine. I’d like to know your thoughts about the Andrew Nurnberg agency. I plan on submitting a query to Jenny Savill. Are you pleased with the representation they have provided? Would you recommend ANA? I’d like to read your opinion.

    Thank you!

    Andrew D. Carlson

  165. Bless you, Isabella! I look forward to seeing you guys! Andy

  166. hí andy how nice to meet you i cant wait to get one of your books i sure hope you sign it thank you!
    oh and your really tallented so i hope that you can contact me bye xx!!!!

  167. I have just spoken to the librarian at Easthampstead Park at a Berkshire Book Award event this afternoon. She highly recommended you to me. Could you perhaps contact me regarding a school visit?

  168. Abi – it’s always a genuine honour when people take time out of their day to sit and listen to my mad rambling. So, thanks to you guys, too. Andy

  169. I just read your blog, and I’d like to thank you for being so… well, for want of a better word – nice! It isn’t often children/young people get such an entertaining visitor to school – I can’t see an ofsted inspector getting such a reaction from the students!
    So, basically I just want to thank you, on behalf of everybody who watched, for brightening up our morning and (hopefully) educating them into the ways of “Geekhood”.
    And hey, maybe the library will become even more popular now!

    Abi x

  170. Bless you, Missus – and it was a pleasure to meet you, too. Fingers crossed, I’ll be back, later in the year! Andy

  171. Hey Andy,
    Just letting you know it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope that you can come back with your new book 🙂
    Shannon x

  172. Just a quick note, Abi: there’s a post on Robblog, about today’s shenannigans. Have a butcher’s! Andy

  173. Abi – Bless you, Ma’am! It was a genuine pleasure to do it and I’d love to come back. I hope you enjoy my mad little book and please let me know what you think. Thanks to you and your chums for being so darned fantastic! Andy

  174. Hiya Andy 🙂

    Your talk at my school today was fantastic – one of, if not the, best author events I’ve seen in my book-filled years. We all enjoyed it so much, we’re trying to persuade the school to drag you back! I’m now sat here looking at Geekhood and thinking “Why am I so busy!?” I suppose I’ll have to write again once I’ve finished reading it, telling you about how much I enjoyed it, as I have been assured I will! 🙂

    All the best, Abi x

  175. Hey, Shannon! Looking forward to meeting you guys, too! Glad you’ve got some questions – the more the merrier! And delighted to hear you like the book! See you Friday! Andy

  176. Hey, I am friends with Megan 🙂 i am reading your book at the moment and i love Archie he is so cute. I can’t wait to meet you and Miss fox has been able to get us out of our lessons so we can come to your talk. I can’t wait to meet you 😀 Btw we have got a lot of questions to ask you 🙂
    Shannon x

  177. Jacob, you’re a gent. Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  178. I’ll find out for you, the only bad thing about my phone is that I cant get up maps or locatin searchers. Thanks you for the suggestion not many people go out of their way so one of thier fans can get a book signed, if your second book is half as good as your first then you’ll knock my favorite author downn to the number two spot at the moment your third but thats not easy to get there with one book esspeicially as ive read alot of books including ones aimed four years above my age so well done.

  179. Never! We’ll make it happen! Where’s your nearest Waterstones – I’ll see if I can wangle an event.

  180. Thank you it did answer what I was on about, my sister would try to get her school to get in touch but she just left and has started her sign language course at college so I geuss my OCD will just have to get over it.

  181. Hi, Jacob! Tell your sister that, as far as I’m aware, it’ll be the same price as the last one: 6.99. Having said that – I may well be doing a book tour this year; if your sister tells her school to get in touch with the publishers, they might sort it that I come and do a chat and a signing – and I’m able to let people have the books at a reduced price; a fiver.

    On to your question – and it’s a good one!That episode is based on an event that happened to me. I’m still friends with that girl and I asked her the same question, as I was writing the book. Her take on it was that, at that stage in her life, she was very much into trying to see the best in everyone and taking the time to try and help people. As it turned out, the guy she gave her time to did, in later life, become something of a reformed character and even told me he was sorry for the stuff he’d put me through. So, I guess – in hindsight – she was right. But I couldn’t see it at the time.

    Hope that answers your question – and thanks again for the feedback. Andy

  182. Passed on the messagge and now she is on my back to ask you if you have an estimated price.
    I read your book again today and saw a few bits that I hadn’t realy thought about like how jason and sarah were talking and she is going to read the aura of the guy that punched her friend -at that moment in time- in the face: whats her logic through this?

    Sorry if there are any mistakes am doing this on my phone so its realy hard to spell with the tiny keeyboard and my huge hands.

    Its such a shame that when I buy your second in the seires its not going to be signed like your first, I might have to send it to you with some money just so my OCD can cope.

  183. Jacob! Thanks for passing the book onto your sister and there’s no problem in dropping me a line; I’m grateful for all feedback! The news is that Geekhood: Mission Improbable is out on April 1st (no joke) – so there’s only a couple of months to go. Thanks for the contact, chap – and I hope it gets your sister off your case! Andy

  184. Finaly convinced my sister to read your book and she has been going on and on about it and keeps asking if I know when a sequel comming out so I said i’d ask. Do you have an estimated time for me to give her?

    wouldn’t normaly ask, would rather leave you in peace to concentrait on your book but my siters on my case so I have to.

  185. Bless you, Megan! I’m looking forward to seeing you guys! It’ll be very hands-on, so the more questions you guys get together, the more unique an event we can make it. Hope Miss Fox succeeds and I’m sure we’ll have a right old laugh! If you can’t get out, tell Miss Fox to make sure we get to say hallo before I head off. See you soon! Andy

  186. Hey, You’re coming to my school; Easthampstead Park school in Bracknell. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t read your book, but I’m buying it through the school. I actually can’t wait to read. Although you’re talking to the year 7’s and I’m in Year 10. Miss Fox is trying to get my friends and me out of lesson to listen to your talk, as we are student library assistants. Can’t wait to meet you. 😀
    Megan x

  187. Hey, Connor! It was great yakking to you too! Yeah – I’d love to see a copy. Let me know when you’re ready to send it out! Currently working on Geekhood 2… Andy

  188. hey andy,its was great chatting to you at chi waterstones geek night,sorry i didnt get to message you sooner i was reading your book,its a really fun read 🙂 i finally finished my book,gives me a shout if you want a sneek view 🙂 ….be warned it will only be the rough 😛

  189. Flynn, you have made my day! Thanks for that, chap – delighted to hear you enjoyed it and I hope your cat is OK! I will see what I can do about coming to Devizes and keep you posted. Best, Andy.

  190. I have finished the book and enjoyed it thoughrely it was the best book ive read so does everyone else at saint augustine’s and they now know there is going to be a sequal and they can’t wait.
    My favourite part was when he decided to take te pink anky to school (I WAS LAUGHING SO LOUD I SCARED MY CAT OF MY BED)
    once again can’t wait to the sequal and thankyou so much

    Yours Sincerely Flynn ancrum.
    P.S. please come to devizes somewhen because te whole town will be delighted (even the tossers)

  191. I love the book lots and cant wait until the sequel.
    I started reading it yeaterday and am already 1 quater through it thamkyou again.

  192. Flynn – a genuine pleasure. And I hope you enjoy it; please let me know! Andy

  193. hello its flynn here from saint augustines thankyou for signing my book.

    thankyou very much again


  194. Wow, Jacob! Thanks, chap! I really appreciate your feedback. There is a sequel and I’m writing it at the moment. Due out in the Spring of 2013. Thanks again. Andy

  195. Got your book on the first finished it on the first and wanted to say that its a briliant book.

    this is one of the best books i’ve ever read. there has to be a sequel

  196. Thanks Andy, we will vet it first and I imagine we will save it for a few years until she is a little older. I will push my middle aged IT skills and seek you out on that thing they call Twitter as it would be lovely to keep in touch. Please feel free to use my email address though.Andy

  197. Andy! Bless you, chap! Hope all’s well with you – I have great memories of The Avondale Road Gang. Do let me know what your daughter thinks – although you might want to check it out first; some of the content might be a little adult for her. If you’re on Twitter, I’m @ThatAndyBloke. Find me and let’s stay in touch. Andy

  198. Dear Andy,
    I have enjoyed looking out for you over the years and it seems we will now get to put you on our bookshelf. Result. Congratulations on the book, it seems a great concept. My eldest daughter is nine and I think will enjoy it.
    Andy Morris (of Avondale Exmouth, aka Useless (postcard from Wales)).

  199. Dee!

    Bless you, Ma’am! I really enjoyed meeting you, too – and shall be hunting out The Sherford Bears! And Best of British with the TV show!(If you need a voice..!)

    Look forward to crossing paths, again.


  200. Hi Andy.

    Really enjoyed meeting with you today on Johns radio show, wasn’t it a great atmosphere? I really like the way he does his show, very relaxed and a chance for everyone to chat together; your dad’s pretty special too.

    I wish you every blessing with your book of which I’m just about to get a copy, and I look forward to the next.
    Take care

  201. Hi andy! It’s Harry again!
    As for reading your book I found it really interesting and I was going to buy the dungeons and dragon game that you mentioned in the story, But I’m not quite sure which one it was but I’d really like to know! Please get back to me


  202. Hey when will you been appearing in London to show your book (a.k.a) come and visit us in Romford waterstones

  203. Dear Jaden. First off, thanks for the lovely feedback on the book. Great news about the performing arts school; I’ll keep an eye out for you in the future! LAMDA is a great college and, if you end up going, you’ll have three superb years – doing what you love with like-minded people. It’s a brilliant thing to do. As for the adaptation – there’s nothing like that happening, yet! If it does, I’ll announce it here and – who knows – maybe you’ll have a few telly parts up your sleeve by then! I wish you all the best and it’s always an honour to hear that people relate to Archie. Thankyou. (And, please – call me Andy)

  204. Dear Robb I loved your books and I am in year 8 and I’m going to a performing arts school and I have been provided to go to the ‘LAMDA’ by my teachers and I would love to be in the adaption of your book because I can compare to Archie and I loved your book(s).

  205. Hi Harry – and thanks for the feedback, chap! The inspiration really came from my own teens; I think the themes are pretty universal to all of us. But I also think you guys have it a lot harder, in some respects. But, in answer to your question – no, I didn’t have the help of teenagers; I can remember the horrors – and the highlights – fairly clearly! And just so’s you know… there’s a second book in the pipeline. Expect to see it in 2013…

  206. Hi andy
    I really like your book it’s really funny, I was wandering where did you get the inspiration from? Did you have help of teenagers? Doesnt matter anyway, even if I know it can’t make the book funnier than it already is!
    Please make more books like this!


  207. Thanks, Cat! It was a genuine honour to be there and everyone was so easy to talk to; you guys made my job easy! And, no, I won’t blow-up testing labs in real-life – I’ll leave that to when I’m on the tellybox! Hope you enjoy the book; let me know what you think. Andy

  208. Hi Andy,
    just wanted to say that I found you really inspiring and hilarious at the edinburgh book fest! 😀
    thanks very much. Everyone was talking about how funny and interesting you were on the 2 hour long bus journey
    home hehe 🙂
    thanks again,
    Cat. (short for Catriohna :))
    p.s- please dont ever try to blow up an animal testing place in real life- that episode was scary.

  209. Hi India! Thanks for your lovely comments – I didn’t realise Geekhood was so well-travelled! You can contact me anytime through Twitter; I’m @ThatAndyBloke. I’ll always be posting advanced news of signings and events, so if you ever happen to be in the UK… And who knows – maybe I’ll end up in your neck of the woods in the Not Too Distant! Best wishes, Andy. PS – Superb name!

  210. Hi Andy i recently bought your book and i really loved it i was so gutted when i realized you were doing a signing-i live in belgium anyway but if i did live in the UK i would have been the first down to waterstones to get you to sign my copy of your book.
    P.S can we be e-mates?
    from india (that’s my name, sadly not a message from the entire country.)

  211. Hi, Amber! Thank so much for the lovely feedback! As far as acting and writing go – do as much as you can now, because life tends to try and point you in other directions, which isn’t always a bad thing. If you’re thinking of acting, check out drama schools, drown yourself in plays, watch films and get out to the theatre. Also check out local drama groups – that’s where practically every actor I’ve ever met cut their teeth. Do as much as you can and you’ll find out if you like it! Same goes for writing, really: read and see how other authors do what they do and even check out if there are writers’ groups in the area. But there’s nothing to stop you having a bash now and getting that first book up and running. I can only tell you what I do, which is to find a theme or something you believe in and build your story around that. I think most good books have an underlying message, so I think you need to decide what it is you want to say – which’ll inform how you write your story. Good luck – and I’m glad you like the book! Thanks again, Andy.

  212. Hi! I only wanted to say that I was at one of your talks when you came to Exmouth, and a big thank you for the book. I have to be honest, I had never really came across your name before. But, I love the fact you’re in what you do for the passion and love, and not simply fame and fortune… blah blah… Either way, you inspired me. Your book is great, and your humor has me laughing out loud. I actually love acting and drawing and writing, so it really interested me to hear what your perspective. Do you have any tips about writing or acting at all? Thanks again. 🙂

  213. Issy! I can confirm that me and your Mum most certainly were at school together! Andy

  214. And thankYOU, Jodie – you guys were a fantastic bunch to chat with. Let me know how your path develops. Andy

  215. Hello Andy!, Was just writing to thank you for your entertaining presentation at the community college I was sat front row and you made everyone laugh with your stories. Very inspiring and have changed my mind alot about my path I wish to take. Thanks again x

  216. Hi Andy, hello from Exmouth…. My daughter was visited by you at School today. She doesn’t believe we went to School together. Issy is in centre stage and is destined to be an actress, don’t know where she gets it from. Anyway I remember you, you scruffy individual with wild hair haha! But we had some laughs! Glad to see alls well in your world.

  217. Amethyst – it was a real pleasure to meet you and I wish you all the best in your Showbiz Journey! Drop me line here anytime and I hope you enjoy the book! Andy

  218. Hello, I just wanted to say I was inspired today meeting you at college. As I said, I was certain I wanted to be an english teacher for young children in korea as it was a safe career choice however, after having spoken to you today, I feel very encouraged to give acting one last shot and I have decided to find a few auditions and see what I can achieve. I am a new fan of yours and I really admire your passion for what you do and I enjoyed listening to all of your intriguing stories. I don’t lack confidence but for a while I have lacked a driving force but today i have been driven so thank you for that. I will buy a copy of your book as soon as it hits the shelfs and I may be asking a few questions as I audition. Best wishes!

  219. Hi Andy!
    Thank you so, so much! Wow, that news has made my bank holiday! 🙂 Thank you! If your publishers are as kind as you are, and say yes to a copy, please tell them to e-mail me at the address that I’ve put in the e-mail box for this comment. Also, you’re very welcome – you deserve it 🙂
    Thanks again!

  220. Hi Chloe! Everyone calls me Robb, so don’t worry about it! I shall have a word with the Stripes folk and see what I can do – but thanks so much for the encouragement!

  221. Just realised I called you Robb there, oops. I apologise! I’m not very good with names (and it also doesn’t help that everyone I’ve talked to has called you Robb!) Sorry! x

  222. Hi Robb!
    I have to say that I think Geekhood looks amazing! (Perfect for a nerdy Doctor Who fan like me!) So I really just wanted to be cheeky and ask if there was any chance that I could get a copy of the book to read, I know it comes out in June, but I don’t think I can wait any longer after hearing such great things about it! I also have a blog that I’ve put in the Website box of this comment, and I’ll be sure to review Geekhood there too if I can get a copy! 🙂
    Keep up the brill books!

  223. Thanks, Rukshana – it turned out to be a great gig! Hope the pupils have recovered! Best wishes on the new job. Andy.

  224. Hi, I thought I’d have a look at your site and say that I thoroughly enjoyed your visit to the school today and for a nervous guy you did really well. Glad to have had the opportunity to have met you. ….I must get your book for my son (and then read it myself). Take care.

  225. Nat – thanks for getting in touch! I will be there on the 10th and, yes, I will be signing and selling books, so maybe have a word with The Comp and reserve one through them? Girls can certainly read the book – regardless of how mature you think you might be! Best wishes, Andy.

  226. Hi Andy,
    I went on my son’s school website to see that you were visiting on 10th May at Exmouth Community College. Came here via the link and am so pleased I did. Your book sounds great. My parents divorced when I was 14 and the memories of Phillip Schofield are classic. My question to you is: Is this book just for boys or can girls read too (or should I say ‘mature women’ 😉 hehe)? I think my eldest son would love this but he’s in Year 7 at the comp and I don’t think you’ll see that year when you visit? Will you be selling your book on the day? Would be cool to get a signed copy. Good luck with your adventures. Regards. Nat

  227. Rick! Great to hear from you, chap! And I’m still painting little metal men, too! I will drop you a line, sooner rather than later. Andy x

  228. Hi Andy

    Greetings from soggy Exmouth! Congrats on getting published and great site.

    I’m working in the museum sector now but still painting little metal men.



  229. Brett! How lovely to hear from you! I shall seek you out and bother you. Andy x

  230. Hello Old bean,
    Good to see you are being as creative as ever. Seems a long time since Theatre Clywd and our production of Christmas Carol. So remembering you as a inventive, talented, and all round nice chap, I just had to say hello! So Hello! Take care and All the best. Brett Fancy.

  231. Thank you Andy for the long overdue laughing your website provided.

    Off to have another giggle, thanks………

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