About Andy

Andy Robb is the author of the Geekhood books, the first of which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Award. He’s had many jobs over the years, most notably as an actor working on stage and screen but now spends his time writing on his house boat on the Thames; occasionally stopping to feed the ducks.

In case you’re interested, here’s his acting credentials:

Film (Production/Part/Director/ Company
The Woman In Black        Dr. Emery          James Watkins      Squid Productions
The Colour of Magic        Thrank/ Kring     Vadim Jean            Mob Films
The Da Vinci Code           Yvan                  Ron Howard           Rose Line
Scarborough Ahoy!          Fishery               Tania Diez               Film Four
Altered Ego                      John                  Angie Palethorpe    Film Four
Covert Encounters           Mickey               Danny Hillier            LFA

Television    (Production/Part/Director/Company)

The Dark Crystal TAoR The Collector (Suit Artist) Louis Leterrier Netflix/Henson Company

Legend of Dick & Dom    Gurad                            Julian Mills                CBBC
Doc Marten                     Mick                               Billy Bolt                   Buffalo Productions
The Invisibles                  Claude                            Various                     BBC
The Colour of Magic   Thrank/ Kring                       Vadim Jean             MobFilms/Sky One
The Hogfather            The Auditor                           Vadim Jean             MobFilms/SkyOne
Who Gets the Dog?    The Philosophising Hippy      Nicholas Renton     Company Pictures
Casualty                      Lee  Parsons (Guest Lead)    Mark Jobst                    BBC
Down To Earth             Rob (Guest Lead)                  Simon Massey              BBC
Wild West                  John                                        June Day                      BBC
24seven(2 series)        Daniel                                     Cilla Ware                     Granada TV
The Bill                       Terry McCaul (Guest Lead)       Brian Farnham             Thames TV
Wyziwyg                    Togen (Guest Lead)                   Mick Jones                  Granada TV
Coronation Street      (3 months) Darren Whateley       Various                        Granada TV
Casualty                 Clyde Carney(Guest Lead)             Dominic Holmes          BBC
Far From The Madding Crowd   Mark Clark                  Nicholas Renton          Granada TV
Peak Practice       Matt Gibson (Guest Lead)                Simon Massey             Granada TV
Cracker                 David Tomlinson                              Graham Wells              Granada TV
The Bill                 Alan Swift                                         Albert Barber               Thames TV
Casualty               Aidan Cleland                                   Michael Owein Morris   BBC
Wycliffe                John Corliston (Guest Lead)              Michael Owein Morris   ITV

Theatre   (Production/Part/Director/Theatre)
Marnie               Terry          Sean O’ Connor   Chester Gateway Theatre/Basingstoke
Getting On        Geoff          Sean O’ Connor   Chester Gateway/Salisbury Playhouse
A Weekend in England  Darius     Deborah Shaw              Chester Gateway Theatre
Stig Of The Dump         Stig           Natasha Betteridge      West Yorkshire Playhouse
Soldier’s Song               Martin Henessey   John Dove    Theatre Royal Stratford East
Hamlet                          Rosencrantz          Mark Swatkins           Wimbledon Theatre
The Real Don Juan       Centellas               Anna Combes                 New End Theatre
Lost In a Mirror            Febo                       Loveday Ingrams                                BAC
Taming of the Shrew    Tranio                    John Durnin                   Northcott Theatre
Life’s A Dream              Clarion                  John Barton                White Bear Theatre
A Christmas Carol        Ghost Xmas Past  Christopher G Sandford      Theatr Clwyd

Radio  (Production/Part/Director/Company)
The Hogfather (ADR)      Wizard of Indecision  Vadim Jean       Mob Films/SkyOne
Be Not Afraid                             John         John Dove                        BBC Radio 4
Mother Theresa In Kilburn      Mark         John Dove                          BBC Radio 4

Commercials  (Product/Part/Director)
Ford Mondeo                  Boyfriend            Paul Archard
McCain Pizza                 Grandson             Eric Baker