The Great Geekhood Geekathon!

So far, I’ve written two books about Archie and his Geeky pals, covering topics like miniature painting, RPGs and LARP. What’s surprised me is just how many people are unaware of these phenomenon. Maybe it shouldn’t’ maybe it’s a Geek thing.

Another Hapless Plan?

But I gave my head a little scratch the other day and wondered how I could get those people who the books represent to come out of the shadows and into the spotlight; to make themselves known. And then I came up with another of my usually-hapless ideas. But this time – I’ve got help.

Foam-latex Fun and Frolics

As you may know, researching Geekhood: Mission Improbable brought me to a LARPing group in Devon where, on top of getting to get involved in some foam-latex fun, I’ve also made some good friends. So, what I’ve done is this: I sent out three copies of Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girl Kind to three LARPers. The caveat attached is that they read the book, pass it onto another Geek – and take a photo of themselves doing something Geeky. Like really Geeky. Like so Geeky that people might not have heard of it.

The Great Geekhood Geekathon!

The result is the Great Geekhood Geekathon and I’ll be Tweeting photos of those fabulous people, under the hashtag, #Geekathon. Hopefully, I’ll be getting and Tweeting pictures from people who don’t normally appear centre-stage and who do things that the rest of us might not know about. Here’s the first, from a LARP-lady in her chosen character of Scarlet. And bloomin’ marvellous she looks, too!


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