Something in the Post…

Got a phone call about 20 minutes ago, from a courier company. Now, living on a boat in the middle of the river means that delivery services are slightly hamstrung when it comes to actually handing over the goods, so I had to tell the chap to hang on, while I revved up my dinghy and crossed the surging water. And it is surging, I can tell you.

However! Said chap gave me a box. I did have a sneaking suspicion as to what it might be, as Chloe, from Stripes, had given me a heads’ up on Twitter. But! Before I tore the thing open, I thought I’d take a pick of each stage, so that you guys could join me on my box-opening journey. So, here’s Stage 1:

A box. Not massively exciting so far…









And then we got Stage 2:

Lots of paper. Which I can burn on the fire, later.









Swiftly followed by Stage 3:

Wow!!!! Books! But only the back of them! Might have to turn one over!

And then a look at the whole shebang:

Hey! Look at that! My name’s on ’em!

It’s exciting! All that work, chat, head scratching and lip-biting has finally turned into a book. That I can hold! And just to prove it – I will!







I tell you what, if that Stripes bunch hadn’t got involved, this would be about as long and pacy as War and Peace. Thanks, guys, for putting up with my initial, incoherent drafts and putting me on the right track.

So, there we go! It’s real! Book 2 is out next week! I hope you enjoy the little red monster! Let me know…

Andy x


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