It’s That Time Again…

OK, you crazy kids. It finally looks llike the launch do for Geekhood: Mission Improbable is to become a reality – thanks to Michael and the events team at Waterstones on High Street Kensington.

The date will be April the 8th, you know where and I’ll confirm the time once it’s decided.

Anyone who came to the last launch will know just how loopy it was. There was Darth Vader swanning about, a couple of Stormtroopers reading inappropriate books and even some miniature-painting and RPGing going on.

And then there was you guys, who rose to the challenge of coming dressed as a Geek, with all the grace and aplomb of a bunch of genuine social misfits.

How the merry Hell do we top that???

Well, I have a plan. But once again, it needs you guys to throw social convention to the wind and join me for an evening of silliness and Geeky joy. Here we go:

No Dark Lord, no Troopers. Instead, I’m hoping to get the God of Mischief, Loki, turning up, the Caped Crusaderess, Batgirl, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman and a couple of other surprises, to boot.

Yup – the theme is superheroes… and this is where you come in:

Of course it’s entirely optional, but I’m throwing down a garishly-coloured gauntlet. If you are up for it, I would love it if you came as the superhero of your choice. You can go DC, Marvel, Titan – whatever – or you can create your own superhero!!! I’m going to do my dangdest to sort out some prizes for the best-dressed superpowered vigilantes and you’ll be in good company, as there are some hardcore cosplayers on the list.

I’ve been to a couple of author events and decided that I want to put the fun back into these events. Aside from a couple of short speeches, there’ll be no waffle, no reading from books or any of that; just us lot, all together, creating out own Garden of Geekdom for a short time.

Let’s make it more fun, more colourful and more Geeky than the last one:

Geekvengers: Assemble!

See you there.

Andy x

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